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Software Development, Mobility Business Ecosystem expertise, Data Formats, SaaS Infrastructure Management

Expertise on Mobility Data Formats

Data Formats

The team at enRoute has a strong knowledge of Data Formats on public transport and shared mobility: GTFS / GTFS-RT, NeTEx / SIRI / SIRI-Lite…

Standardization Bodies

enRoute actively takes part in standardization bodies and work groups involved in the evolution of Data Formats : CEN, Data4PT, MobilityData…

Our tools are geared towards our users’ every needs

Producers and Consumers

enRoute supports both producers and secondary users of mobility data with Chouette SaaS and Ara SaaS.

Exchange Platforms

enRoute also supports data exchange platforms, such as National Access Points, especially on the issues of data conversion, control and validation of schedule and real-time data.


Control & Validate

NeTEx data, SIRI feeds


GTFS <-> NeTEx

Save & Index

Identify Problems

An API to convert your Schedule Data

From a Data Format to another
From a NeTEx profile to another

Documentation of Chouette
Convert API

The conversion API has public documentation readily available. The user can access Chouette Convert API through a documented Postman collection to perform GTFS conversions to NeTEx.

Learn about Chouette Convert API

Our workflow
is efficient and innovative

Our projects are managed through a complete build/deploy chain. Large test suites: rspec / jest / go / cucumber + selenium on real instances. Use of traditional market tools like Datadog / Sentry.

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Chouette SaaS is a Ruby on Rails open source application

Chouette allows you to manage static transit data (bus, train, subway, flights, etc.) at a national or regional scale, or at a city level.

  • A User Interface to navigate, search or input in several Data Formats, with React and Rails views
  • Processing algorithms to handle large quantities of data
  • File management in several formats (XML for NeTEx or KML, CSV for GTFS, Shape, etc.) to import/export large quantities of data
  • PostgreSQL database managing hundred of gigabytes of data in production
  • New tools, such as a GraphQL API

Ara SaaS is a Go open source application

Ara allows you to manage real-time transport data at a national or regional scale, or at a city level.

  • APIs interacting in JSON, XML, ProtocolBuffer, and mainly under SIRI, SIRI-Lite and GTFS-RT formats
  • A real-time model (memory) to manage the presentation of entire networks that are collected
  • Archiving process of large quantities of data exchanges via BigQuery

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